FAQ: How To Write Letters To St Jude Patients?

What do I write on a St Jude card?

Choose a pre-written message to add to your card

  1. Option 1: Sending love, peace and smiles your way!
  2. Option 2: Hope your day is full of fun and laughter!
  3. Option 3: Best wishes to you now and always!
  4. Option 4: Your strength is such an inspiration.
  5. Option 5: Wishing you happiness, joy and many blessings.

How do you send cards to St Jude?

A form, available on StJude.org, allows online users to choose from a variety of card designs and relay a message to the young patients at the children’s hospital. The artwork is designed and inspired by patients of St. Jude. Those who wish to send a card are asked to choose a design, type a message and send it.

How do I send an email to St Jude?

We want to communicate with you on your terms. Mail: Call St. Jude Donor Services at (800) 822-6344 or email [email protected] to update your mail preferences.

What do you write in a patient card?

This is extremely important, as it can create health concerns for some patients. We recommend that you write uplifting messages such as:

  1. Stay strong.
  2. You are awesome.
  3. Never forget how amazing YOU are.
  4. You rock.
  5. I hope you have a great day today.
  6. You shine brighter than the sun.
  7. You inspire me.
  8. Be Brave.
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How much money does the CEO of St Jude’s make?

$ 958,886: Richard C Shadyac, CEO and Ex-Officio Director.

What should I do with used greeting cards?

What to Do With Old Cards & Letters

  1. Scan & store them on your computer.
  2. Tuck them in your scrapbook or journal.
  3. Keep them so you can one day give them back to the writer.
  4. Repurpose them into tags & gift cards.
  5. Repurpose them into scrapbook & journal embellishments.
  6. Repurpose card tops into postcards.
  7. Donate card tops.

What can I write in a child card?

General Birthday Card Messages for Kids: You’re adorable. And I’m wishing you the best day any (kid/boy/girl) could have. Happy birthday to the awesomest (kid/boy/girl) in the world, both inside and out! A (kid/boy/girl) like you deserves a birthday that’s extra fun and super special.

Is St Jude’s really free?

Jude shares all its discoveries freely with the world. All patients accepted for St. Jude treatment receive care whether or not they or their families can pay for it. Jude to pay for treatments, copayments, deductibles, coinsurance, and any other costs your insurance does not cover.

How do you send a card to a hospital?

Seal your greeting card in an envelope. Address the greeting card to the patient you wish to contact. Writer, “Patient” followed by his legal first and last name. The legal name is necessary so staff can locate the patient in the hospital directory.

What do you say to someone in the hospital?

Here are a few things to say when someone you know is in the hospital:

  • “I am thinking of you.”
  • “You’re doing great.”
  • “I pray that you feel better.”
  • “Nothing can stop you – get well soon!”
  • “Sending healing energy your way.”
  • “Wishing you a very speedy recovery!”
  • “I love you!”
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What to say to someone who is about to go to surgery?

What to Say to Someone Before They Have Surgery

  • “I’ll see you in a bit!
  • “You’re in great hands.”
  • “You’re going to be okay.”
  • “I’ll be there when you wake up in the recovery room.”
  • Tell a joke.
  • “Let’s plan a girls’ night after you recover from your surgery!”
  • “Things will be better after your surgery.”

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