FAQ: How To Donation St Jude Trike A Thon?

What is St Jude Trike-A-Thon?

The St. Jude Trike-A-Thon is a fun, service learning program for young children that teaches trike and riding toy safety while helping the children of St. Jude. With our free digital coloring book, storybook, and videos, Trike-A-Thon can be easily adapted for at-home learners.

How does a Trike-A-Thon work?

Trike-A-Thon is a fun, week-long curriculum for daycare centers and preschools that teaches children riding-toy safety lessons through a series of interactive stories. Children receive these lessons from special St. Jude friends, Bikewell Bear®and Pedals the BunnyTM, while raising money for St. Jude.

How do I cancel my St Jude’s donation?

You can also call us at 1-800-822-6344. Our call center is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. CT. We’ll be happy to assist you in making any changes to your one-time or monthly donation.

Is St. Jude’s a good charity to give to?

Jude charity rating and review. According to Charity Navigator, ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has a four-out-of-four star rating for our Overall Score and Rating.

How much money does the CEO of St. Jude’s Hospital make?

$ 958,886: Richard C Shadyac, CEO and Ex-Officio Director.

How do I cancel my donation to Aspca?

Just call (800) 628-0028. Your cancellation will take place the same month, or the following month, depending upon when we receive your call.

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