FAQ: How Is Lucas The Kid Of St Jude Ad?

Is Lucas from St Jude still alive?

In 2016, Lucas was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and after obtaining a referral, his family traveled from Chile to St. Jude for his treatment. Today, Lucas is back home and cancer-free.

Who is the little boy on the St Jude commercial?

Richard Davies was a recognizable voice to the millions of viewers who watched St. Jude commercials over the years, and his legacy continues. You may not know the face of Richard Davies but you would likely recognize his voice.

What is Lucas cancer?

Lucas was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was born. Today, he is a happy, healthy little boy.

Who is in the St Jude commercial?

Award-winning actress Marlo Thomas starred in the TV hits ‘That Girl’ and ‘Free to Be You and Me. ‘ She is married to Phil Donahue and is an active spokesperson for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Did Marlo Thomas have children?

Who is Marlo Thomas’ husband Phil Donahue and do they have children? ACTRESS Marlo Thomas has been married to former daytime talk show host Phil Donahue for 40 years. Although Marlo did not have any children of her own, she helped raise Phil’s five children from a previous marriage.

Is Lucas a cancer?

Initially, doctors in Chile diagnosed Lucas with an infection and sent him home. But a few days later, the pain returned, and this time doctors suspected a mass. Within days, scans revealed Lucas suffered from neuroblastoma, a type of brain tumor.

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